Small batch, from scratch

Laceys Hill captures the pure taste of the Moreton Bay Region.

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As with all things, we believe the most beautiful things come from beautiful beginnings. We ferment our wash on site, producing an alcoholic wort that is about 12% ABV. We use the rainwater collected and filtered on our property, and a carefully chosen and cultivated yeast. Most importantly, our wash is what our product is based on, and is something you could drink in its own right.
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Using our 500L pot still, we take our 12% ABV wash to about 40% ABV. This process is similar to distilling a first whiskey wash. This slow process runs gently for 12 hours, producing a product that is ready for the next step.
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We fill our 200L column still with the 40% stripped wash and distil it to approximately 95% alcohol. We separate this 95% alcohol into Heads, Hearts and Tails—each approximately a 1/3 of the run. We discard our Heads and Tails (as these are where you find headaches and regrets). In the end, we keep only the soft, sweet, delicious Heart of the run.
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Our beautiful Hearts are filtered through volcanic rock to achieve a soft, clean spirit that—at 50%—doesn’t feel like a spirit in your mouth.
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Our last and most important step is to infuse our gins with local botanicals. We place the filtered spirit back in our 200L still and position our botanicals in the vapour path of the neutral spirit as it travels through the still. Infusing our botanicals rather than soaking them in the boiling ethanol allows us to achieve the soft, full flavours that make our products stand above.