A classic true love story

My passion for distilling found it's start with family at Booroobin, near Maleny in 2012. They lived on a stunning off-grid block, with views of the Mary Valley. It was the perfect escape from the city—and my corporate life—and I tried to get up there at least twice a month. 

The contrast between working in a corporate environment and crafting a product from scratch, surrounded by family and nature, led to the sudden realisation that my journey in the pursuit of happiness was about to take a sharp turn. The seeds of Laceys Hill were sown, and I resolved to buy a piece of land where I could set up a small distillery.

In 2015, in a wondrously serendipitous turn of events, I met Cassandra, my favourite person to spend time with that I hadn't met yet. On our second date, over one or two martinis, I was telling her about my gin-making plans. Cassandra eventually joined me on a visit to my family in Booroobin and hit it off with them instantly. Even their nasty biting cat loved her, and inexplicably slept on her all weekend.

We quickly realised that we both shared the same values, and that it is the people around us that enrich our lives, and fill our souls. And equally dogs. So a few months later we bought a house at Laceys Creek, a dog called Pepper, and started working on the happily ever after.

A few years,  a second fur baby Molly, a 30-year-old self-built pole house and one tiny distillery later, here we are: making beautiful small-batch spirits. More than that, we are part of a community, and we believe that when our community thrives we thrive. 

There’s nothing like a classic love story: our love for our little family, our home, our local community of friends, and the process of making simply good gin from scratch. It’s a wholehearted story from beginning to end, from us to you. And there’s no better place to start than with our truly classic, Dry Australian Gin.

We invite you to taste a drop of the region and experience the flavours of slow-made Laceys Hill spirits for yourself.  

— John, Cass, Pepper & Molly